Bridgeton Covered Bridge and Mill

Bridgeton bridge21Sometimes a shiny new covered bridge photo just needs to be crumpled up and stomped into a mud puddle to give it the proper look of a 140 year old bridge. The first step is to remove anything modern looking, such as… wait a minute, is that a freakin’ public toilet sign!?!? Are you kidding me! We’re a thousand miles from civilization, pick a tree! Don’t need a sign for that! Sorry, I have a slight issue with signs in my bridge photos. The Bridgeton Covered Bridge is 220 feet long and was built in 1868. It was burned down by some knucklehead in 2005, and in 2006 the community rebuilt it with help from the State of Indiana. The mill was built in 1870 and is still operational today, grinding flour and corn meal. If you’re ever cruising down I-70 in western Indiana, go north and have a look, it ain’t that far.Bridgeton bridge20