Cedar Waxwing

Cedar WaxwingIf you don’t currently have a favorite bird I might suggest the Cedar Waxwing, a stunning bird with a crest and black mask. A group of waxwings are known as a “museum” or an “ear-full.” Now, museum I don’t get at all, but ear-full I suspect is some kind of old world bird humor, as a group of waxwings hardly make any sound at all. I’ve come across groups of waxwings, sorry, ear-fulls of waxwings, eating fermented fruit off trees in the winter and early spring and I gotta say these were some of the happiest, goofiest birds I’d ever seen! I walked up to one within a foot or so, and I swear he just looked at me and giggled! The last photo is a juvenile sitting in his… wait for it… waxwing museum! Sorry, couldn’t help myself!


Cedar Waxwing8846 Cedar Waxwing8908 Cedar Waxwing8885