Dang Rabbit!!!

Rabbit2540I’m a sucker for a good rabbit photo, I’ve probably got a thousand of them in my archive. I’ll just go ahead and admit it, I love rabbits! When I saw this cute little dude sitting there I just had to shoot him, but I needed to change a few settings in my camera to get the shot. As I turned around to continue down the trail, I spotted a Common Yellowthroat posing perfectly. This is a skittish little bird that I have been trying for years to get a good clean shot of, and this was my chance! I fired away excitedly, imagining one of these yellowthroat photos on the cover of Birds n’ Blooms or National Geographic. As we wrapped up the shoot and he flew away I was immediately overcome by the painful realization that I didn’t change my camera settings back after shooting that dang rabbit!!! I got lucky though, as the photos turned out okay, but they could have been a whole lot better. I’m sure it won’t be the last time a dang rabbit messes up my bird photos.

Common Yellowthroat2586Common Yellowthroat2549

Common Yellowthroat2593