House Wren

House Wren2797With the exception of the Carolina Wren, House Wrens have possibly the highest decibel per pound ratio of any living bird. It’s loud, it’s distinctive, and after you hear it for the first time you’ll never forget what a House Wren sounds like. A slightly irritable bird, they have another call used for scolding unwelcome animals and humans. It will leave you walking away, confused as to why you’re apologizing profusely! With their seemingly up-turned beak and down-turned eyes, they can’t help but appear a little angry or frumpy all the time, but I think they’re just misunderstood. This little guy was singing away on top of his nesting box when he was interrupted by the sound of my camera; he wasn’t misunderstood this time so I got my shots and left him alone.

House Wren2766House Wren7557