Hermit Thrush

Hermit Thrush2006Whenever I see a Hermit Thrush at the bog my initial reaction is confusion. What I see is a tiny little robin staring back at me but it can’t be! The color is all wrong, and unless my eyes are deceiving me, so is the size; must be a Hermit Thrush. Each time I see one I have to work through this optical illusion. It’s as if he’s hypnotizing me with those big brown thrush eyes. Every spring I can count on a Brown Thrasher spending a day in my yard during his journey northward. I can count on a very brief Eastern Towhee sighting on my neighbor’s ivy covered garage, and I can count on this Hermit Thrush spending a week here, rooting around in the garden next to the deck. I wish he could tell me what he’s been up to for the past year; in my mind he spends the winter in a backyard down south filled with trees and gardens like mine, with a curious little kid who watches him from the back window.Hermit Thrush2216