American Redstart6What a difference a day makes! Saturday was cold, dark, damp, blech, so I rescheduled the American Redstart shoot for Sunday-not a cloud in the sky. My redstart was right where I left him the day before so we resumed the shoot. The Palm and Yellow Warblers stopped by, as well as a Catbird and White-throated Sparrow, so I shot them too. I shot so many birds yesterday that I’ll have to post the rest of them later in the week. I was leaning against a tree while I shot the redstart and watched as a curious baby red squirrel scaled that tree and got right in my face. No, I’m not your mother. It was awesome, I’ve never seen a squirrel from a foot away before. He eventually got bored and moved away but he crawled around on that tree for five minutes as I shot my birds.

Palm Warbler6White-throated Sparrow1Yellow Warbler5