Squirrel Sunday

Muskrat1I’ve been a naturalist my entire life, specializing in birds mainly, but I’ve learned a thing or two about most of the wildlife in the midwest as well. It has been said that I know as much about squirrels as anybody, and some have gone so far as to call me the world’s foremost leading expert on the subject. The squirrel pictured here with his long slender body, short muscular legs and sharp curved claws make him ideally suited for climbing trees. And that big beautiful bushy tail isn’t just for looks, squirrels use that tail for balance while jumping from branch to branch high in the treetops and for communicating with other squirrels. Actually, upon closer inspection, this might be a new species of squirrel! This is very exciting! Let me do some research and I’ll update this post in a little while. Yeah, so it turns out this isn’t a squirrel at all, it’s a muskrat. That would explain why he was sitting in the bog munching on a mollusk. Maybe I should stick to birds.Muskrat2