American Redstart

American Redstart1It’s Saturday morning during warbler season so of course the sky is filled with gloomy black clouds. Grrrr! But my glass is half full today so I took the opportunity to test out the low light capabilities of my camera. I spent ten minutes chasing this American Redstart through the brush but he just wouldn’t sit still. I walked away empty-handed, figuring I would try again on my way back. As I returned to the spot a little while later I looked down and there he was, posing perfectly on a log! And I missed him! Glass half full! Glass half full, keep shooting! I must have been a sight to behold because soon the brush was full of curious birds hoping to catch a glimpse of the goofball with the camera. All things considered, I’d say my rig does pretty well in dark, damp, miserable conditions. Some of these shots would have been excellent if it weren’t for all the dang brush getting in the way!

American Redstart2American Redstart5

American Redstart4