Least Flycatcher

Least FlycatcherI snuck out of the office early today and headed to the bog. The weather was way too nice to be stuck behind a desk, although I could hear what sounded like a storm brewing on the horizon as I shot this Least Flycatcher. An unassuming little bird with a big, square flycatcher shaped head and “whiskers”, they bear some resemblance to the Eastern Wood-Pewee. I learned long ago that a feeding flycatcher will leave its perch to grab a passing insect and return to the same perch over and over again, making it relatively easy to photograph them by staying focused on the perch. I had just finished shooting this flycatcher when the storm front hit, it was no storm at all, but rather a rebel gang of rugrats terrorizing the bog! Figuring the birds have all headed for the hills, I gave up for the day and went golfing instead; shot a few birdies there, and an eagle two on the par four 14th hole. I sure hope that flycatcher made it out of there alive!