Pine Warbler

Pine Warbler1A few weeks ago a dozen Chipping Sparrows showed up at my feeder and one of them was bright yellow! It was interesting to me that this unknown warbler shaped bird was migrating with sparrows but downright odd that he was at the feeder. A little research revealed that Pine Warblers actually will migrate with the chippers and are also seed eaters who spend some time at feeders. This warbler spent two days trying to understand the pecking order at the feeder, timidly flying in and darting away quickly. Once he realized there was none, he was at that feeder non-stop for five more days chowing down. I was hoping to get a closer look at this bird before he moved on and I got my chance while I was out back filling the feeder. I turned around to put it back in place and he was sitting there on the hook, waiting patiently for me to hang it back up! I knew from the first day he showed up that I would be seeing him at the bog soon.