House Sparrows

Is it wrong that sparrows are the favorite bird of a world-class photographer such as myself? Let me clarify a few things: first of all, just kidding about the world-class thing, and secondly House Sparrows are so energetic and social, and a little bit goofy. They don’t really sing much but are one of the most talkative birds around, constantly chattering away. So yes, from a strictly behavioral standpoint, the House Sparrow is my favorite bird to just sit and watch. I was headed out back to tinker with some new gear in the yard when I noticed this fat and happy little sparrow under the feeder, so I took a few shots. This must be the happiest bird on the planet, she was chirping away, strutting around, and chowing down! She had the feeder all to herself and wasn’t at all concerned about me standing there. I imagineSparrow1 this is how I would feel lying on a huge pile of pizzas!