Choking Cardinal

Cardinal3I spend a lot of time looking out my back window at the bird feeder, for me it’s usually better than television. On this particular day I was watching a Cardinal family eating peanuts on the deck. I watched as a fledgling repeatedly gagged while trying to swallow a peanut whole; it made me extremely nervous, I was clutching the door knob and working through just how the heck to perform the Heimlich on a dang bird! Eventually she realized she was doing it wrong and took a moment to see how her parents did it, then decided to give it another go but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t quite ready for solid food. She chomped down dead center on a peanut and it got stuck! Right on the lower part of her beak, on both sides! I’ve always thought of Cardinals as wonderful parents but now I’m starting to doubt that a little bit. What happened next, I wish I could have caught on video! She tried to shake it out unsuccessfully and then panicked a little bit, looked around and spotted dad, twenty feet away on the other side of the deck. She ran over there with that stuck peanut and squatted down, beak in the air while dad calmly plucked it out and crunched it up! And then she ate it. They returned that evening and she proudly crunched up a peanut of her own. Faith in Cardinal parenting restored.Cardinal