American Robin

For me the first robin sighting of the year represents a faint hope that Spring is near. Such a curious looking bird, not in the sense that they are somehow strange looking but rather that they always appear so inquisitive with those big brown eyes and matter-of-fact head tilts. Whenever danger is near they are the first ones on the scene; they are the protectors of scared little backyard birds everywhere, pestering would-be assailants with an inspirational verbal and physical assault. The unmistakable and cheerful song of the robin seemingly carries on for miles and coincides so remarkably with the first warm Spring days that I believe robins must be at least partially responsible for its arrival! In a feeble attempt to persuade Spring to come out of hiding this year, and I mean the real Spring- not this imposter that dumped ten inches of snow on March 24th, I figured I would post up some American Robin photos. Sing away robin, sing away!