Mourning Dove buddy

Dove2I was flying a tiny little rc helicopter in my back yard a few years ago, uhh, I mean it was a long time ago when I was just a little kid, yeah, because what kind of full grown adult person would play with such a toy at my age. Anyway, back to the story, so I noticed a dove in a tree while I was flying this thing around and thought it might be interesting to get her reaction to this odd looking new bird. She watched this helicopter flying around like it was just another bird, I even flew it right past her at one point and she didn’t seem the least bit concerned. It wasn’t until I crashed it that things got interesting; as I leaned over to pick it up she became extremely nervous, head bobbing and pacing back and forth in a horrified manner. So I picked it up and flew it right out of my hand across the yard to the back door; it was as if this single act of setting the “bird” free triggered something in that dove. From that moment forward we were pals; whenever she saw me, she would go into this chill mode, often preening and relaxing there with her eyes closed. While her friends would blast off in a flurry of noise and feathers at the mere sight of me, she remained, every time, just like this. Filling the feeder was a challenge sometimes because she wouldn’t move out of the way. I haven’t seen her around much lately, I like to think it’s because her friends held some kind of intervention and convinced her that this relationship just wouldn’t work.