Birds busting stereotypes

I was at the bog one afternoon when I spotted some punk kid sneaking up on me. He was approaching slowly, constantly looking over his shoulder, ducking behind trees. I just knew he was up to no good. As he drew nearer though, I noticed a shiny new pair of binoculars, then I saw a bird book and a notepad. Now my curiosity was peaked so I waited for him to catch up. I asked my standard question, “Seen anything cool?” His response blew my mind! He said he wasn’t sure, this was his first time birding. He continued by saying he woke up this morning and decided he wanted to go bird watching so he bought all this stuff and here he was. He seemed genuinely puzzled by all this and added that he’s a college kid, never been a nature guy, just had this sudden urge. He was following me around to see how I did it. We walked around for a while as I imparted my vast knowledge of birding on him, and off he went.

I was sitting at a red light one morning on my way to the bog, watching a fat and happy little dove peck around on the road up ahead when some punk kid (a totally different punk kid from the previous story) in a tricked out little sports car pulled up beside me. His stereo was cranked so loud I could hear the sheet metal of his fenders rattling. Suddenly I got this sinking feeling that the dove in the road was a goner. The light turned green and that kid took off, then something amazing happened! He must have seen the dove because he slammed on his brakes! He came to a complete stop and waited while that dove waddled over to the side of the road and hopped up on the curb!