Heron fishing

Heron fishing1After years of extensive research on habitat, behavior, taxonomy and diet I have finally solved a decades old mystery; I have single handedly unlocked the secrets of the Great Blue Heron. Armed with this hard earned knowledge I loaded up my gear and headed out, eager to validate my research and reveal my findings to the world. I reached my outpost but still had a lot of ground to cover on foot to reach the lair of the heron. After hiking about 382 yards I reached the unnamed pond adjacent to the 17th green at the Lafayette Municipal Golf Course! Okay, so I feel like I went a little overboard on the buildup of this story but this is pretty much how I view the world through my lens. Also, I didn’t walk all the way out there, it was hot so I went to the clubhouse and grabbed a golf cart. This heron was fishing as I pulled up, I watched him poke that huge beak in the water over and over, each time coming up with a little minnow, flipping it in the air and swallowing it head first. I had to get a shot of that! My first two attempts failed but on the third try I nailed it. I’ve watched him fishing many times before but until I viewed it through my lens I didn’t realize the precision juggling act he was performing with those fish!

Heron fishing2