Lady and the warbler

One morning in the woods I came across the sweetest little old lady. We walked along for thirty minutes talking about birds and enjoying the outdoors when she mentioned that she had never seen a warbler. So I said, “Gimme a minute and I’ll find you a warbler.” I spent the next sixty seconds searching and thinking, “Why did I say that!?!?!” Just then we came across this Wilson’s Warbler frolicking in a small tree. We slowly moved under the canopy of that little tree and watched our warbler from about six or eight feet! So now I’m grinning at this little bird and I look down and she’s standing completely still, wide-eyed and grinning ear to ear. I could feel my grin widening and now I’m grinning at the bird and grinning at her grinning at the bird! We continued down the path after a minute or two, agreeing that what we just shared was a fantastic birding moment. Normally I would be frustrated at not getting a better shot, but not this time.

Wilson's Warbler