My first cool find

I received my first bird book when I was six or eight years old, and on the inside cover was the most awesome looking red and black bird. One day I told the folks that I was going outside to find a Scarlet Tanager and… I did! Right there in my own back yard! I could hardly contain myself as I ran inside to tell them what I found and… they didn’t believe me. Come to find out years later that they actually saw him too, shortly after I did. It wasn’t until thirty years later that I would lay eyes on another Scarlet Tanager and that’s when the subject of the original one came up and when I learned that they believed me all along!

Scarlet Tanager

first birdbook

Now, before you get carried away with what an amazing photo this is and what an amazing photographer I am, you should know that this picture has been photoshopped. It’s the same bird in two separate photos that I merged together. I promise that I may or may not use this type of trickeration in the future. (but I’ll always tell you)

Scarlet Tanagers

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