Indigo Bunting

The woods were filled with strange new sounds the morning I shot this Indigo Bunting. I had no idea what was making all that noise and I certainly didn’t know who I was looking at here. I had never seen a bird this color blue and covered with brown patches; was it sick or had I just discovered a new species!?! The unique beak was the clue I needed to identify this stunning and noisy little dude. And those brown patches? Just a juvenile in his awkward youth.

Indigo Bunting1

A year later I was looking out over the native prairie sprinkled with yellow and white flowers and out of the corner of my eye I noticed this one blue “flower.” After a few minutes I finally looked in that general direction and what do you know, Indigo Bunting! This time I knew what I was looking at, although he was completely silent, and in my experience these buntings don’t sit still for long so I felt fortunate to get such a cool shot.

indigo bunting 2

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