My first keeper

I feel like a fitting first post should be about my first keeper. In the early stages of learning photography I had a decent camera and a questionable zoom lens, and little knowledge of how either one worked. I also didn’t know much about bird photography which lead to a lot of frustrating walks out of the woods with nothing to show for my efforts. On this particular day I shut off my camera, put the lens cap on and headed for my vehicle. I was almost out of the woods when this little chickadee darted in front of me and started prancing around on the side of a nearby tree. I hurriedly turned my camera back on, removed the lens cap and started shooting. I took many bad photos that day but I did manage this single decent shot. It’s not very good by my current standards but it was my first keeper! I also learned my first lesson: leave your camera on, you never know what might happen on your way out of the woods.

Black-capped Chickadee2

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